Raspberry Pi 2 came eventually!

I just got my Pi 2 yesterday, very excited!
Pi 2 package
The package looks better than before,eventually!
Open Pi2
There is a better quick start guide provided.
Pi 2 back
pi 2 top
Pi 2 Vs Pi:
Pi Vs Pi 2
I download RASPBIAN OS(Version:January 2015), and write into the SD card.
Time for Boot up to desktop: 24 seconds
I install OpenCV using my same way , compilation time is 2.6 hours and cpu usage is 25%(for pi 1 is 5+ hours and cpu usage is always 100%)
Pi 2 Make opencv
After installation, I capture frame using logitech c905, FPS is 22 and cpu usage is still 25%, wonderful!
Pi 2 Capture
I run the single color detection program, FPS is 15 and cpu usage is also 25%, very impress me!
Pi 2 Color Process

Pi 2 really improved a lot! Buy Buy Buy!

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