Install cvBlob on Raspberry Pi

cvBlob is a library for computer vision to detect connected regions in binary digital images. cvBlob performs connected component analysis and features extraction. Before you start to install cvBlob, you must ensure Pi has installed OpenCV-2.4.2. cvBlob can help you to detect color blob quickly, because cvBlob is writen by C++, so your code must […]

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Install OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

I have used raspberry pi for ten months, I like the toy very much and learn a lot from it, you should know that I didn’t have any Linux experience before. At that time, my project is to develop a vision system for robot using raspberry pi, my first task was to install OpenCV library, […]

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Hello, World!

This is my first blog in my life, I will record my study experience and share my ideas with you here. I am still studying electrical and electronic engineering degree now, I have limited knowledge and experience in electronics and programming, so please point out my mistakes if anything wrong. Live and learn, come on!

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