Raspberry Pi 2 came eventually!

I just got my Pi 2 yesterday, very excited! The package looks better than before,eventually! There is a better quick start guide provided. Pi 2: TOP VIEW AND BACK VIEW Pi 2 Vs Pi: I download RASPBIAN OS(Version:January 2015), and write into the SD card. Time for Boot up to desktop: 24 seconds I install […]

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How to use UART on Raspberry Pi

In order to use the dedicated UART pins on the raspberry pi, first they have to be removed from their default application which is debugging. To do this,we need to edit “/boot/cmdline.txt” and “/etc/inittab“. You can backup this files if you want to return to the default configuration: $ sudo cp /boot/cmdline.txt /boot/cmdline.bak $ sudo […]

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Install OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

I have used raspberry pi for ten months, I like the toy very much and learn a lot from it, you should know that I didn’t have any Linux experience before. At that time, my project is to develop a vision system for robot using raspberry pi, my first task was to install OpenCV library, […]

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